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Let's Cowl-Along!!

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I've posted about this on my Ravelry group page, but I would like to talk more about it here!  First, let's get all the repetition done!  (This is a copy/paste of my Ravelry thread.)

"Fall is my favorite time of year, and I want to celebrate it with a fun Cowl-Along! I’ve come close to deciding that a good cowl is one of my favorite accessories. For some reason, there’s more gratification knitting one up than a scarf, I’m not worrying about what to do with the loose ends like a shawl, and I can continue wearing it at work when I’m very cold (unlike a hat).

With that, here are the rules of this Cowl-Along.
1) The pattern must be one of my cowls (Chocolate Chip CowlCunegondeAviaryMarisol CowlHideaway CowlBohemian Cowl (Knitted), or Bohemian Cowl (Crocheted).
2) Any picture of a WIP or FO in this thread put up between today (October 24th) and the end of Thanksgiving weekend (Sunday, November 27th) will qualify for a chance to win a prize! (However, they must be new projects started, at the earliest, today.) 
3) The grand prize will be chosen from pictures found within this thread that also have corresponding project pages linked to my pattern. So, please, post your pics (and if you can, hyperlink them) in here! I won’t know to search otherwise. ;o)

Important Dates:
Start: October 24th
End: November 27th
Early Prize Drawing: October 27th (b/c it’s my birthday!)

Grand Prize: 1 Chuck Kit including: A hardcopy and e-copy of my newest pattern Chuck, enough yarn to make a pair of Chucks in Tell Tale Yarn Company Tidal Twinkle in the limited edition Toasted Pumpkin colorway, a stitch marker hand made by Ohmayzee, and two buttons; as well as your choice of 1 of my self published patterns. 

Other Prizes:

  • Early Prize Drawing: your choice of 1 of my self published patterns. To be eligible, please post a picture of either your WIP, FO, or even just the yarn and what pattern you plan on doing by the end of October 27th!
  • FOs Drawing: a copy of my entire Candide Knits Collection (CandideCunegondeMaggieMartinPangloss, plus one mystery new pattern!
  • WIPs Drawing: your choice of 1 of my self published patterns!

Fine print: all drawings will be chosen by random number generator based on qualifications. FO Drawing will only be chosen between pictures of FOs. WIPs will include any picture of WIPs, regardless of whether you finish by the deadline or not! Yes, you can enter multiple times with the same project, as long as there’s notable progress with each WIP shot! Grand Prize will be selected between my favorite pictures, WIP or FO, so be creative!"

Photo credit knitscene/Harper Point Photography

I will personally be doing an adjusted version of my Chocolate Chip Cowl!  I have enough yarn to do 2 more full length cowls, but I'm also going to be working one up that's roughly half the length to be a bit more snuggly around the neck!  That's the one I'll be starting up tonight.  

This is what happens when I pay attention to something other than the cat, when she wants attention... no ability to take pics of my cowl yarn and she chews the tag off.  ;op  Well, that's my current color scheme for my cowl!  

Which cowl do you want to knit on?  Any stash yarn for it, or will you go shopping for new yarn??  :o)

Birthday KAL Yarn

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You wouldn't think it would be so hard for me to find a good yarn for my brother's Cesario... you know, working at a LYS and all.  ;op  However, it did take a good amount of decision making before I found one that I thought would be good enough.  

Malabrigo Rios in Azul Profundo.  Things that need checking off:  superwash, check; color brother will like but not so boring that I will get bored, check; worsted weight, check.  ;o)  I have it all wound up and ready for casting on!  It will be nice to get to knit up another Cesario.  Hopefully, it will be all done by Christmas... 

Birthday KAL!

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Right on the heels of my pattern release... I am also launching a 30% discount on all my self published patterns, and a KAL in my Ravelry group to go along with it!  :oD  

All you have to do to participate in the KAL is take and post a picture of your norichan knits project at your CO to the thread and then another photo of your FO!  The KAL started today, and goes on until November 30th!  I wanted to make sure this was a nice, relaxed KAL, so I'm giving everyone plenty of time to join.  :o)

I think this is a great head start for holiday gifts!  If you're like me, you have grand ambitions at the beginning... then next thing you know, you're frantically knitting till the deadline!  I'm thinking about doing a Cesario for my brother.  I think he'd like one in a solid blue or black.  Do you have any thoughts on which pattern you'd like to work on?  

I hope to have you join me in this KAL!  I think it will be a lot of fun!  

Oh yeah, I may have forgotten.  Did I forget to mention prizes?  ;op  Right now the following prizes are available:

- one self published pattern by norichan knits of your choice.

- one copy of my next self published pattern (scheduled to be published mid to late Nov).

- one skein of yarn by indie dyer Dragyn Knyts!  (picture to be added to the ravelry thread shortly, I just need to get it first!!)

And who knows... in the next two months, maybe a few more prizes will be thrown in!  

WIP Wednesday: Seeds to Flowers

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As I'm finishing up writing a pattern, it`'s nice to have some "mindless" projects going, as well.  This one is a great one as it's got lots of things going on, so it keeps me entertained, but because it's been a well written pattern so far, I haven't had to actually think about what I'm doing other than following a chart!  The pattern is called Seeds to Flowers by Kristina Vilimaite.  It is the July KAL that we are doing in the MegaKAL group created by myself and myusic.  

I chose a long repeat, self striping yarn for mine.  The yarn is called Crazy Zauberball and is a 2ply yarn with each strand slowly striping.  I am in love with the result!  I want to play around with this yarn some more... definitely a fun one.  :o)  

Instead of going with matching beads, I decided to go with coordinating beads.  I actually really like how it's coming out!  Of course, pink and green is my favorite color combination... so I don't think this could get better.  :o)  


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While I finished this hat on March 1st, life had other plans for me than taking a picture to prove that it was done.  ;o)  

I knew the variegated yarn was going to hide the pattern a good amount, but I didn't care.  And I still don't!  I love this hat, it's so comfy.  

Pattern:  Consummate V's Hat (free Ravelry dl)

Yarn:  Malabrigo Rios in Candombe

Quince and Co: Scarves, Etc 4 KAL

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I am planning to do a KAL for Aviary Cowl in the fall (the wait is primarily due to a big move interfering with life right now).  However, I know some of you much be itching to cast on for something cozy and warm right now with the crazy weather that's been going on lately!  

Quince and Co is doing their own KAL for the collection!  I am planning on attempting to join along.  I haven't actually knit myself an Aviary Cowl, if you can imagine!  I already have yarn chosen, and will CO with everyone here.  It sounds like fun, but very little pressure because I know I can always finish it up later on with my own KAL if I fall behind.  ;o)  

Making Do

So, I brought one of my projects to work with me.  It happens to have cables every 4th row, and what did I forget?  My cable needle.  Of course.  *le sigh*  Well, luckily I went searching and found this guy here:

An allen wrench!  Whew!  Saved.  :o)  Unfortunately, this guy had a good number of dents, and it kept grabbing at my yarn (which is a single... yikes!).  But I made it through the work day, and that's what matters.  ;o)

I know at this point, most of you are going to say "you know, you don't need a cable needle to do cables."  And I'd like to say, I do realize that, but I don't enjoy doing cables without a needle.  I did a Koohaus hat entirely without one, and have done other projects without a cable needle, and I can say that I don't enjoy the process anymore and would rather do a project without cables all of a sudden.  The other thing is that I had already started this project with a cable needle, and I find that doing them without the cable needle pulls the yarn a slightly different way and causes the cables to have a slightly different appearance from one another, and my OCD would never let me live with that.  It's part of why I had to continue doing the entire Koolhaus without one.  ;o)

Rose City Yarn Crawl

To those of you who don't know me personally, I once lived in Portland, OR.  I made a lot of friends, and am still friends with a lot of them.  Every year, they have a truly epic yarn crawl involving 15-20 (depending) yarn stores in the area (not all of them are necessarily right in PDX proper, but all fairly close).  I love their yarn crawl.  In fact, it has spoiled me a little in terms of yarn crawls.  When I went on the Central Texas yarn crawl, I was surprised by how far apart all the stores were (seriously, as far as 2.5hrs away from where I lived; which is pretty central to the stores) and you had to pay to be a part of it!!  Oh, and there were about 1/2 the number of stores involved, also... but I do have to admit, you don't expect a ton of yarn stores in Texas.  ;op

In comparison, the furthest store from PDX proper was about 45 min and it's free.  This year (and last year) they have been doing a mystery shawl KAL and CAL.  I didn't partake last year, and while I won't be going on the yarn crawl itself... I decided to join the mystery KAL!  The pre-reqs are two coordinating skeins of fingering weight each roughly 400 yds each.  Here are my two:

I actually already had the pinky-orange variegated in my stash.  It is Abstract Fibers in what they now call Alex (50/50 merino/tencel).  While I had lost the yarn band, I'm fairly certain it's this color based off of pictures.  The blue is by Alexandra's Crafts in Baby Silver Falls (60/30/10 merino/bamboo/nylon; now discontinued) in the colorway "Navy."  I purchased the Alexandra's from my favorite PDX LYS, Pearl Fiber Arts.  The store owner is so nice, and does concierge shopping.  Find Pearl Fiber Arts on Facebook!  It's so easy.  I sent her a picture of my yarn, and told her I was having trouble finding a match b/c of the fiber content.  She looked, and found 4 different appropriate colors, took a picture of them, and let me choose.  Both Alexandra's and Abstract Fibers are local PDX dyers, so I think this will be a very appropriate shawl for the PDX yarn crawl.  If only I could go!  :o)  

Now, Alex used to be called Mighty Sock, and it also used to have 380yds/skein based on research I've done.  I know I have the Mighty Sock instead of the Alex, so I'm a little worried about running out of yarn.  So, I've swapped for smaller needles, and I'm loving the stitch definition I'm getting even out of a variegated yarn!  I think this will work out well:
I've got 2 more repeats of the lace to go, then I will be done with Clue 1, and ready for Clue 2!  :oD

FO: Code: Armonika Cowl

Drumroll please!  Ta-da!  It's all done!  This is January's MegaKAL selection.
My Armonika
Pattern:  Code: Armonika Cowl by Rutast Design
Yarn:  StitchJones Yarnageddon 2012 (?)  500 yds of luscious 50/50 merino silk single ply!!  

I was a little worried as I kept knitting this that it would actually be too long.  In the end, I have a cowl with a circumference of 52" and width of about 9".  I think this is a great size!  With that much width, it needs a bit of extra length to be able to comfortably wrap it around your neck.
  Here you can see it wrapped double.  I think it looks pretty snuggly, if I do say so myself.  :o)

And in this last picture, you can see how much yarn I have leftover.  Tape measure there for size comparison.  I might've gotten another row or two in there, but I was really out of steam by this time.  I had already knit 7 extra repeats (4 rows each, so 28 extra rows past what I wanted to), just to try to use up as much yarn as I could.

I'm going to wrap it up, and save it for Christmas.  I hope the desired recipient is going to like it!  And with this, I'm already done with my first gift of the year!  I always say I'm going to make my gifts early, and not stress in December... every year, I fail and end up making 3 gifts in December.  :op  Let's see how well I prep for this upcoming year.

February's Mega-KAL: His Golden Lair

Did I forget to mention that my friend Marilyn and I are hosting a MegaKAL on Ravelry?  It's mostly shawls with a couple cowls, and each month is a different one.  It's been a lot of fun seeing everyone's different projects.  Different colors, yarns, etc all make such different looking projects!  Our project for February is His Golden Lair.  The shawl calls for worsted weight yarn, but after searching my stash, I couldn't find worsted weight in a color I wanted to use with enough yardage.  Instead, I found this:
Sorry, I guess I took the picture with a bit too much ambient light.  It's very washed out looking.  It's Malabrigo Silky Wool in Teal Feather (I may have an obsession with Malabrigo)!  Now, this is a DK weight yarn, but I have 5 skeins of it, which will be more than enough.  In fact, I think I'm going to make a larger version, and knit with needles appropriate for DK weight.  I should be able to compensate for the weight discrepancy, and have a larger shawl still, anyways!  Can't wait to cast on for this one!  :o)

KAL - Consummate V's Hat

I am so excited to announce that I have created a group for people to join on Ravelry for pattern help, see recent releases, test knits I may be running, and KALs!  Please join and get involved!

To kick things off, I'm having a KAL with giveaways for my free Consummate V's Hat!
The rules of this KAL can be found here.  You do have to be a member of Ravelry to join.  If you're not a member of Ravelry, I highly suggest you join!  It's such a great resource for knitters, crocheters, spinners, and ever weavers.  :o)

There will be three prizes:

- One of my self published patterns, winner's choice.
- or enough yarn to make my next self published pattern (which will be published at the end of this knit along!) in either of these two colorways.
I hope you come join in the fun!  I can't wait to see everyone's projects.  :oD

The kits are up!!

Well, my dyer turns out to be awesome and we are able to release the kits on time, after all.  The kits are available here until 9/18.  The kits will be sent to you on 9/26.  This will allow them to get to you in October.  :o)  The kits do come in 3 different colorways and are done in a nice merino/silk blend.  As mentioned before, the kits are $30 each, with discounts on multiple kits.  Every kit purchased puts you in a drawing for awesome prizes!

Just so it is clear, while my supplier is mailing everything in the physical kits, the pattern will be emailed to you in pdf format by me to the email associated with your paypal address.  I will be releasing the pattern Oct 1.  Thanks!!

Cowl Along Update

So, it looks like merino/cashmere/silk is out (supplier couldn't get it until January), but it looks like we can use a merino/cashmere/nylon instead!  Sounds almost as luscious, and guarantees a set price of $25 for the kit ($30 including shipping, I believe Bohemia Fibers will be charging $30 with no added charge for shipping, but that cost will be $25 for the kit, and $5 shipping and handling)!  Once again, the kits will include:  2- 50 g skeins of yarn, a set of vintage buttons (of various colors), stitch markers (made by me), and the pattern.  I finished a knitted version of the cowl:
This is the small version of the cowl.  You may note a bit of curl.  This is part of the design element.  It adds a bit of extra wave to the wavy pattern.  Blocking will help keep it from going too overboard with the curl.  However, for those of you who will absolutely hate the idea, I will include simple instructions on how to alter the pattern to be entirely in garter (but still have that wave/chevron appearance).  This will change the appearance of the cowl, but keep the ends from curling as much.  My true pattern will not be in garter, it will be as viewed above.  I just wanted to let people know that there will be that option.  :o)  

My supplier is trying to get a final headcount, so please let me know in some manner if you are interested!  I currently have about 10 people committed, and would like to give out 3 prizes!  That means great chances for these people... I'd love for more people to commit so that it's a little more exciting.  It'd also be a bit more fun and games for everyone if we got more people involved.  :o)  Thanks for checking this out!

You can contact me by either leaving a comment here, or emailing me at norichanknits at gmail dot com (substitute the words with symbols).  Thank you very much!!  :oD

ETA:  Looks like my dyer has found her inspiration for the colors:
For her fall/autumn colors:
And the ocean colors:
Beautiful, no?

Cowl-Along anyone?

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In the month of October, a design of mine will be used for a KAL/CAL!  I am teaming up with Bohemia Fibers for a fun Cowl-Along.  She will be dying up 2-50g skein sets in coordinating colors to go with my cowl design.  The color themes she has right now are:  Fall Colors, Sea Themed, and Bohemia Wild and Crazy Colors.  The cowl is pictured below to show what it will be like.  The cowl will come in 2 sizes in both a knit version and a crochet version.  The cowl is buttoned closed, and the edging will come with 3 different instructions (maybe 4!) to give you the option to fully customize it.  The edging options will include:  ruffles, picot (with instructions on how to add beads with this option), and plain (best if you love your buttons and really want the buttons to stand out).  While it may be hard to see, the cowl does have a slight gradation in size, smaller at the top and slowly flaring out at the base.

The full kit:  The kits will contain the 2-50g skein sets, stitch markers, vintage buttons (the button sets will vary), and, of course, the pattern.  Right now we are investigating the possibility of doing a cashmere silk yarn!  The kits will be $25 (unless the yarn makes this price difficult, I am waiting to hear from my dyer about this.)

Here is the large sized cowl in crochet form with a ruffle edging work.
An alternate way of wearing the cowl.
The small crocheted cowl with a plain edge.
To show you the difference in the two cowl sizes.  If you couldn't tell while being modeled, they are drastically different sizes.  The larger one is meant to be more of a drapey and scrunchy cowl, while the smaller one has less bulk so it's easier to wear with a coat on and is more cozy.
I have not finished a knitted version of the cowl yet, but here is a swatch to show you what it will somewhat look like.

Amy of Bohemia Fibers would like to get a rough estimate of the number of people joining the KAL/CAL so she can get an idea of how much yarn she will need to order.  I would like to make this easy on her because we both hate the idea of ordering too little and people being left out, but ordering too much is definitely difficult... especially if we do decide on the cashmere/silk yarn.  So, if you could either message me here or on ravelry (Rav: norichan), that would be greatly appreciated.  If you are on Ravelry, feel free to join our discussion here!  You will not need a ravelry account to purchase a kit.  Kits will not need to be purchased yet, just need an idea if you'd like to participate.  Thanks!

Oh!  And before I forget... Yes!  There will be prizes!  Handspun yarn, free patterns, chocolate, and more are all possibilities for prizes!