norichan knits!

Making Do

So, I brought one of my projects to work with me.  It happens to have cables every 4th row, and what did I forget?  My cable needle.  Of course.  *le sigh*  Well, luckily I went searching and found this guy here:

An allen wrench!  Whew!  Saved.  :o)  Unfortunately, this guy had a good number of dents, and it kept grabbing at my yarn (which is a single... yikes!).  But I made it through the work day, and that's what matters.  ;o)

I know at this point, most of you are going to say "you know, you don't need a cable needle to do cables."  And I'd like to say, I do realize that, but I don't enjoy doing cables without a needle.  I did a Koohaus hat entirely without one, and have done other projects without a cable needle, and I can say that I don't enjoy the process anymore and would rather do a project without cables all of a sudden.  The other thing is that I had already started this project with a cable needle, and I find that doing them without the cable needle pulls the yarn a slightly different way and causes the cables to have a slightly different appearance from one another, and my OCD would never let me live with that.  It's part of why I had to continue doing the entire Koolhaus without one.  ;o)