norichan knits!


Do you remember this from the other day?  Well, it's now just a cake of yarn.  :o(  I managed to make assumptions, and had messed up from step one.  Ok, step 2, because I did do the garter tab beginning correctly.  ;op  

Basically, I was supposed to increase 4 sts every RS row, and 2 sts every WS row.  I glanced at the directions, and missed the whole increase on the WS thing.  I was only increasing on the RS!!  So, by the time I finished 3 lace repeats of 18 rows each... I was off by 108 sts.  >.<  I did the only thing that I could reason.  Frogged the whole thing and put it on hold.  I'm actively working on 5 projects right now (let's not talk about how many UFOs I have)... I think maybe that's too many.  I'm going to put this one on hold until after I finish up a couple others.  Maybe then I will actually read the directions correctly.  ;o)