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Strange Breakfasts

So, I had this for breakfast a little ago.  I don't normally eat this sort of thing for breakfast... but I decided to get tested for food allergens/sensitivities.  While I don't think anything is up, I do sometimes get bloated after eating things such as pizza.  I am suspecting either a dairy intolerance or a wheat intolerance (duh...).

Anyways, the test is a saliva test (I spared you any pictures of this), and it tests for 4 things:  egg, cow dairy, wheat, and soy intolerances.  So, I had to be assured that I got all 4 of those things into my diet the same day as the test.  This odd contraption manages 3 out of the 4.  I added soy sauce to my lunch that day.  ;op

It was ok.  The pizza, I mean.  I wouldn't say to run out and immediately go try it out.  But not as terrible as I thought it might have been.  :o)