norichan knits!

Hi, I'm Noriko!

About Knitting

I have been knitting since 2005, spinning since 2008, and crocheting since 2011!  I began creating my own things almost from the get-go, and took a number of stabs at designing in the past.  I finally decided to get more serious about it, as my friends keep telling me I need to give them the patterns to my creations.  ;o)  Once I started, I couldn't stop.  I have new ideas daily; sometimes it's hard to keep up!  

My patterns have been published in Knitscene, Knit.Wear, Quince and Co collections, Knit Picks, and self published on Ravelry.  

If you'd like to chat, please find me at my group on Ravelry:  norichan knits.  

About Life

I spent most of my life in California (grew up in the Bay Area, then went to UCLA for undergrad), but have moved so many different places since!  I have lived in Portland, Athens, Wenzhou (China), Okinawa (Japan), and Austin.  I currently reside in Seattle with my cat (Izi) and my boyfriend (Bret).  

I am part Japanese and part Chinese.  In Japanese, the honorific "-chan" (pronounce the a like "awe") is an addition that you would add to the end of a good friend's name, typically reserved for girls.  An adult might also use it in reference to a little girl.  Growing up, my family called me (and still do call me) Nori.  So, that's where Nori-chan comes from.  :o)  

About You!

Without you, I wouldn’t be here. I thank you for your support, whether that’s always being there and lifting my spirits, purchasing my patterns, or supporting me on Patreon or Ko-Fi!