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Cowl Along Update

So, it looks like merino/cashmere/silk is out (supplier couldn't get it until January), but it looks like we can use a merino/cashmere/nylon instead!  Sounds almost as luscious, and guarantees a set price of $25 for the kit ($30 including shipping, I believe Bohemia Fibers will be charging $30 with no added charge for shipping, but that cost will be $25 for the kit, and $5 shipping and handling)!  Once again, the kits will include:  2- 50 g skeins of yarn, a set of vintage buttons (of various colors), stitch markers (made by me), and the pattern.  I finished a knitted version of the cowl:
This is the small version of the cowl.  You may note a bit of curl.  This is part of the design element.  It adds a bit of extra wave to the wavy pattern.  Blocking will help keep it from going too overboard with the curl.  However, for those of you who will absolutely hate the idea, I will include simple instructions on how to alter the pattern to be entirely in garter (but still have that wave/chevron appearance).  This will change the appearance of the cowl, but keep the ends from curling as much.  My true pattern will not be in garter, it will be as viewed above.  I just wanted to let people know that there will be that option.  :o)  

My supplier is trying to get a final headcount, so please let me know in some manner if you are interested!  I currently have about 10 people committed, and would like to give out 3 prizes!  That means great chances for these people... I'd love for more people to commit so that it's a little more exciting.  It'd also be a bit more fun and games for everyone if we got more people involved.  :o)  Thanks for checking this out!

You can contact me by either leaving a comment here, or emailing me at norichanknits at gmail dot com (substitute the words with symbols).  Thank you very much!!  :oD

ETA:  Looks like my dyer has found her inspiration for the colors:
For her fall/autumn colors:
And the ocean colors:
Beautiful, no?