norichan knits!

The kits are up!!

Well, my dyer turns out to be awesome and we are able to release the kits on time, after all.  The kits are available here until 9/18.  The kits will be sent to you on 9/26.  This will allow them to get to you in October.  :o)  The kits do come in 3 different colorways and are done in a nice merino/silk blend.  As mentioned before, the kits are $30 each, with discounts on multiple kits.  Every kit purchased puts you in a drawing for awesome prizes!

Just so it is clear, while my supplier is mailing everything in the physical kits, the pattern will be emailed to you in pdf format by me to the email associated with your paypal address.  I will be releasing the pattern Oct 1.  Thanks!!