norichan knits!


Hi All,

Well, my dyer is right out where the hurricane hit.  And so I think the dying of yarns and whatnot may be pushed back a bit.  And really, I'd prefer to give her plenty of time to regroup than push the cowl-along to go ontime.  It may still work out.  She was (prior to hurricane), thinking she would be posting the listings of the kits this past weekend, and then have a closing date of 09/10/11 to ensure that she had plenty of time to finish them up and get them shipped out by 09/20/11 so that we can have a start date of 10/1.  I haven't heard from her in a couple days, so I am assuming she is either without power or busy with other things.  The cowl-along will be continuing, but potentially with a pushed back start date.  Thank you for being understanding.  :o)

Here's hoping all the best and a quick recovery to those affected.