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WIP Wednesday: Seeds to Flowers

Noriko HoComment

As I'm finishing up writing a pattern, it`'s nice to have some "mindless" projects going, as well.  This one is a great one as it's got lots of things going on, so it keeps me entertained, but because it's been a well written pattern so far, I haven't had to actually think about what I'm doing other than following a chart!  The pattern is called Seeds to Flowers by Kristina Vilimaite.  It is the July KAL that we are doing in the MegaKAL group created by myself and myusic.  

I chose a long repeat, self striping yarn for mine.  The yarn is called Crazy Zauberball and is a 2ply yarn with each strand slowly striping.  I am in love with the result!  I want to play around with this yarn some more... definitely a fun one.  :o)  

Instead of going with matching beads, I decided to go with coordinating beads.  I actually really like how it's coming out!  Of course, pink and green is my favorite color combination... so I don't think this could get better.  :o)