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Evolution of My Hair

Noriko Ho2 Comments

For those of you who only know me from reading... you may not know that I love having someone turn my jet black hair into fun and exciting other colors.  I know I'm already hearing objections to this because jet black hair is gorgeous, and bleaching your hair is so bad for it... but my stylist makes sure that my hair stays healthy, and I have had jet black hair all my life.  It's been fun to break away from that, even for a little bit.  :o)  Anyways, here's a rundown:

This picture is from high school.  All of the other pictures are from the past two-ish years, but this one is for reference.  Super long, black hair.  The waves are because I braided them while wet, and then took them out.  I actually have extremely straight hair.

So, a little bit of explanation.  From high school to now, I have donated my hair three times.  This final time, I said, you know what?  I really want to have some fun hair that I can't do when I'm trying to donate my hair (they don't accept chemically treated hair).  So, I went blonde!  Even though it's a bit more brassy than I was hoping for, my stylist, Meesh, did a FANTASTIC job!  I loved it from the get-go!  (Aug 2013)

We ended up going lighter and lighter each visit, and I maintained it by using a purple shampoo that helps keep the blonde color about once a week.  I actually quite liked it this way.  This was kinda what I was hoping for when I went in the first time.  But it's hard to lighten that much without damaging the hair all at once.  

I ended up loving the blonde, but wanted to shake it up some.  I went with some pastel pink tips that made me so happy.  I'd always loved the pastel colors in hair, but could never get them because my hair was so dark.  (Nov 2013)

I wasn't quite ready yet for changing up the color... so I went with a fun and short asymmetric cut!  :o)  The only trouble I had was that I had to actually style this cut, which isn't a common thing for me in the morning.  ;op (March 2014)

And here's the first iteration of bright that I went with!  While fun, I wasn't a huge fan of tomato red.  I ended up changing it the very next time I went in.  (June 2014)

Went with bright pink, and was so much happier!  As you can see, my hair is definitely still asymmetrical, but it's growing out.  Loved this one!  (July 2014)

Thought I'd try to tone it down a bit the next round.  Even longer hair, but a darker, almost natural color.  Not my natural color, by any means... but I think this color was actually in the natural hair color book.  Though, she may have added a tiny bit of plum in there to give me some extra fun.  ;o)  (Sept 2014)

Well, I just couldn't last.  The "natural" color bored me after a bit, and I had it overdyed with a magenta pink.  This is how it turned out, and I think it was great!  Also got the hair cleaned up... I'm almost back to a symmetrical cut, but not quite yet.  ;op   (Nov 2014)

Went completely purple to be able to cosplay.  I liked this one, but I was surprised by how much more the dye bled on things than any of the other colors I had tried before!  This time, my stylist cut my hair in a blunt bob, so I'm finally back to completely symmetric hair.  My character also has bangs, so I decided to go with full on bangs, instead of the wispy, side bangs.  (Jan 2015)

Some of you may recognize that cowl from here, but this time let's focus on one of my absolute favorite hair colors.  I needed to do the roots again, and wanted to go pink again, but realized that it wouldn't overdye the purple very well.  I asked if she could make it ombre, and she did it!  I think it looks great!  Here's another view of it.   (Feb 2015)

Which finally brings us to this last one!  Shock!  I didn't go pink again!  Kinda crazy, but one of my best friends sent a picture of this color, and I kinda fell in love.  Not only do I love it, but I'm thrilled that I can wear non-basic colors again!  If you couldn't tell, I love pinks, and so a vast majority of my wardrobe is pink.  I found I couldn't wear pinks or reds... or many purples very often with the pink hair or else it might clash.  This way, I'll be able to contrast instead!  (March 2015)

Wow, this ended up being a much longer post than I expected!  I hope it didn't drag on too much for you guys.  :o)  I am actually pretty surprised that I have had so many changes in my hair in 2.5 years!  Do you have a favorite?