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Well, this is a problem...

Noriko HoComment

I am moving in one week, exactly.  We actually have movers coming to move our stuff, so I will arrive before our stuff arrives.  Therefore, I have to figure out what yarn stuffs I will need to "last" me until I can get everything reorganized.  So far, this is what I have:

Yeah, I'm concerned about maybe a month of being without my full stash... but now I have a pile that's way bigger than I can even pretend I could knit in that amount of time.  Le sigh.  I need options!!  Though... then again, maybe 4 WIPs, 2 sweater quantities, 2 shawl quantities, and 1 fingerless mitts might actually be a bit too much.  We'll see if I can pare it down a bit.  Maybe, maybe not.  ;op

I think my favorite part about all of this, is that I haven't even begun to worry about clothes.  I just figure that I'll bring maybe a week's worth of clothes and mix and match to make different outfits.  ;o)  Gotta know your priorities, right?