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DFW Fiber Fest

Noriko HoComment

A couple of my friends and I made a road trip to Dallas for the DFW Fiber Fest.  We weren't taking any classes, so we hit the vendor floor.  I love seeing what new dyers there are out there or even just smaller, local dyers exist that I hadn't seen before.  I, unfortunately, neglected to get any pictures of the vendor space (just too excited to remember!).  Here's what I ended up with:

1) Small size bag from Erin.Lane.  She is my absolute favorite knitting bag maker.  They are fully lined, reasonably priced, well made, and just the right sizes.  I like the small bag for when I'm knitting on any accessory.  The larger size one is good for sweaters.  She even has an extra large that I haven't tried out.  The sock size is absolutely the perfect sock project size, and it has a handy snap so you can attach it to another bag.  :oD

2)  Tumbleweed Yarn self striping sock yarn in Sugar Skulls colorway.  It's so cute, and I can't wait to make some socks with it!  

3)  Wooly Wonka Ceridwen yarn in Murky Depths colorway.  These were actually pre-ordered before the show, and she brought them for me and kept them safe until I got there.  They are pre-destined to be a Moroccan Nights.  I've got some serious knitting coming up, it appears, because I want to cast on for this right now, also!

4) Babushka scissors!  I don't know the maker or anything, but they were too darling to not get.  :oD  

5) Various moisturizers and chap sticks.  My skin is fairly dry, so finding good ones is very important to me.  I've found that some of the best ones are indie made, so I'm always trying out new ones.  :o)

After the show, we hung out at the hotel about half a mile from the convention center.  

One of us wanted to go to sleep early, so my other friend and I made a little fort behind the curtains.  We stayed up a little longer knitting and chatting.  It was a fun time!  

The next morning we went out to MadtoshCrafts, the brick and mortar store for Madelinetosh Yarns.  

I was very good and managed to somehow not buy the entire store's worth of yarn.  ;o)  In fact, I ended up getting less than I even thought realistically.  I guess it was good that we went after DFW, because otherwise, I probably wouldn't have withheld as well.  

I got some Unicorn Tails (about 50yds each of their Tosh Merino Light), and a physical copy of the latest Pom Pom issue (the one I was drooling over when it first came out).  Very happy with my purchases.  

I was happy to get to check out the festival and make it up to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, period.  :o)  Since I'll be moving in a few weeks, it was really nice to get to one of the big festivals here before I left.  I know the new area I'll be living in will also have a ton of festivals and whatnot, but it definitely felt good to hit one up right before leaving.