norichan knits!

Ikkicon, 2015

I've actually never attended an anime specific convention.  I've been to other types of cons... including a Japanese Culture Con that obviously had a lot of anime in it, but never just anime based.  Ikkicon is held yearly in Austin, Tx.  This year, it was held Jan 2-4 at one of the Hilton locations downtown.  I decided that I wanted to go, and that I wanted to cosplay (dress up).  My biggest problem with this was that I'm not a seamstress.  Maybe one day, but not yet.  Luckily, my friend Courtney is an extremely talented seamstress (knitter, spinner, artist, etc etc), and so I asked her if she would be able to help me out with this endeavor.  I suggested a few ideas (all images taken off google images):
Haramura Nodoka from Saki
Nonon Jakuzure from Kill la Kill
Hitagi Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari
I was initially looking for someone with pink hair, as that was my current hair color.  After discussing it with Courtney, it seemed that Nonon was out due to the proximity of the event and the complexity of her costume.  And after debating it through a bit, I decided on Senjougahara because her uniform was not quite as generic, and there was a higher chance of being recognized.

There was a debate on whether I should get a wig or dye my hair, but in the end, I decided to dye my hair.  So, based on that, the costume became based on Senjougahara after she cuts her hair.
Without much further ado, here is my rendition:
The sweater was extra because it was cold out, and we were about to leave.  I think it worked out pretty well, don't you?  :o)  I was only able to make one day of the con, but a number of people recognized the costume, and a few even asked if they could take a picture.

It was a fantastic experience.  Once inside the center, just about everyone was dressed up in some fashion.  Some in cosplay, some harajuku, some Lolita, and a few just in appropriately cutesy cute items.  So many people had ears on, stockings with bunnies, Totoro shirts, etc.  All in all, it was incredibly fun, and I can't wait till the next time an event like this occurs.  Only next time, I will find appropriate shoes ahead of time.  >.<  No heels for a con again!