norichan knits!


Noriko HoComment

I know I've been doing a lot of fashion posts lately... but I've also been doing a lot of secret knitting, also.  Those projects are the hardest because I hate not being able to share what I've been doing lately!!  But nevertheless, here's what I wanted to show you.  

I had a realization that I've been starting a heart shaped sunglass collection, and that's mildly embarrassing!  As embarrassed as I am, I keep thinking of all the different ones I could get!  There are cute ones with polka dots, different colored ones, ones that have a rainbow mirror on the lenses... and they're all SO CUTE!!  

When I try to reflect on my own personal style, I have a hard time truly determining it.  I love so many different things... girlie, trendy, boho, cutesy, fitted, oversized, etc etc.  However, I guess I can truly say that I have nailed my sunnies style:  quirky and leaning towards hearts!  I do have a few other pairs (mostly super out of style giant ones from the early 00s), but I rarely ever wear them anymore.  I'm working on getting a nice, high quality pair from opto work, but I haven't found just the right pair yet.  I hope they fit in nicely with these guys, once I do!