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Secret Knitting

Noriko HoComment

I've been swamped with projects, and I finally have a day off with no other commitments today, so I get to knit ALL DAY!!!  While I can't show any portion of my design, I can reveal to you the yarn I'm using!

I am *so excited* to be working with Quince and Co again!  Their owl yarn is a lovely wool/alpaca blend that I'm just loving to death!  It is a worsted weight, and I'm using the cinnamon colorway.  Gorgeous!  The color is much closer to their site than mine.  The light was shining a bit brightly through the windows of my apartment when I took this picture.  

I would definitely recommend this yarn for anyone that has been on the fence.  While it's not the softest alpaca I've ever touched, the squish factor is definitely high!  I'm going to guess it's the loftiness of the way the yarn was spun up that makes it so squishable.  Whatever it is, I'm definitely digging it.  :oD