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New Glasses!!

Noriko Ho1 Comment

Guess who *finally* got some fancy new glasses!  :o)  It only took... well, hmmm... four years?  I actually don't have much of a prescription, so despite being surrounded by glasses at work, I usually don't wear glasses nor contacts.  :op  I finally caved and got myself a new pair that has just a very slight Rx in them for near work (I'm at a computer at optometry work all day, and commonly working on knitting otherwise!).  

Aaaand here they are!  Please excuse the poor lighting, and the quick selfie, but I was too excited to share my new (sometimes) look.  :oD  It's also interesting to see the big difference in hair color from when I first got it done (the current "Welcome" picture) till now.  It really did mellow out into a pretty blue grey.  I still love it, and so I think I'll probably get this color for another round, at the very least.  

Oh right, back to the glasses.  They are Barton Perreira frames in the Raquel shape. It turns out they have been discontinued, and we had one left in stock at my work, so I snagged them!!  I <3 them!