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Catching Up

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It's been a busy time filled with work, guests, and secret knitting.  Wishing I could share those projects with you guys, but can't until my contracts say I can!  So, guess I should take a look at some of the other things filling my time lately!

First up, soon after I last posted, one of my best friends came to visit.  I was so happy to get to visit with her, as we've been best friends since undergrad, and I haven't seen her in about 2 years!  We got in some site-seeing, hiking, and good food!  Has anyone ever been to Paseo?  I had seriously never been until her visit, and wow!  I need to go back stat!  Here we are on our hike:

Next up is #theufoproject (you can play along on Instagram, also, if you would like!) that I've started/been working on.  Once I managed to finish up my secret knitting, I had about a week free where I could work on "for fun" knitting.  I decided to work on UFOs, as that was a New Year's goal of mine, and I have barely made a dent yet!  I went hardcore for a full week, and am now back to designing again.  However, it was actually a lot of fun to see how far I could get with my projects.  I'm going to attempt to keep up at least one UFO while designing until I get to a reasonable number of UFO projects.  ;o)  

Here's some of my progress on them.  I knit about 9" more on my blanket (stalled out 6 or 7 years!), converted a failed hat design into a pair of successful designed mitts, sewed pieces of a purse together (that was 3-4 years old), and turned the heel on a pair of socks (also about 2-3 years old).  Whew!  I'm feeling pretty good about this!  

Now, let's talk a bit more about my new mitts!  These babies were knit using Tidal Twinkle dyed by Tell Tale Yarns.  They will be another addition to my Candide Knits Collection.  I will be needing testers for these mitts soon, so let me know if you'd like to be a tester!!  I also highly recommend the yarn used for the mitts, as it's super soft, and the bling is not too too bright, just enough to shimmer in the light and it just makes me happy.  In addition, the high twist makes this yarn very bouncy and durable.  Love it!  (I am currently working on a matching hat, also, as can be evidenced by that photo...)

Last thing I want to mention is my new pair of swanky glasses!  I'm in love with these guys, I think they're super adorable!  I was actually told that they were discontinued, and I couldn't have them... So, I was SO SURPRISED when the rep managed to find a single pair after searching around for me!  :oD  Oh, and, yes, that is a new hair color!  

Adding to the Collection

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I've already talked about my obsession with heart shaped sunglasses... Well, not too long after that, I actually added two more!  Haha.  

The new ones here are the top left (white with black polka dots) and middle left (multi colored).  The polka dot ones were a gift from the Erin.Lane swap I did!  The multi colored ones were a purchase from a little vintage store in Portland.  :o)  I'm loving both so much.  

Erin.Lane Bag Swap!

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So, last month I signed up to join a swap for my favorite project bag maker:  Erin.Lane.  I like a lot of project bag indie makers, but I've found that I go back to my Erin.Lane ones over and over again.  They're sturdy, lined, easy to cinch, come in cute fabrics, yet aren't too fussy, and a good price point.  :o)  I figured I couldn't go wrong with joining a swap, and then I'd get to collect goodies for someone else, too!!  

My partner hit it on the nose here!!  I love all the things she collected.  :oD  First, of course there's the bright and cheery Erin.Lane bag!  Then, of course, the hot pink Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn... which feels amazing!  I've never used this yarn before, though I've wanted to... I'm dying to try it now!!  The Enchanted Forest postcards are soooo cute, I will definitely be busting out my coloring pencils and pens for those!  And, the suns!  OMG, polka dot heart suns are totally the most amazing!!  Squeeeee!!!  As for the rest:  green felted ball (that my cat has already claimed as hers and is currently chasing around the house), green highlighter tape, little scissors, st markers in a cute little mini jar, and a knerd decal!  Even her note on the card is super adorable.  I <3 every bit!  

I hope my partner likes her stuff as well as I liked mine.  I forgot to take a pic of it, so hopefully I can pull a picture from her when she gets it!  Mine went out in the mail today...  :o)

New Glasses!!

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Guess who *finally* got some fancy new glasses!  :o)  It only took... well, hmmm... four years?  I actually don't have much of a prescription, so despite being surrounded by glasses at work, I usually don't wear glasses nor contacts.  :op  I finally caved and got myself a new pair that has just a very slight Rx in them for near work (I'm at a computer at optometry work all day, and commonly working on knitting otherwise!).  

Aaaand here they are!  Please excuse the poor lighting, and the quick selfie, but I was too excited to share my new (sometimes) look.  :oD  It's also interesting to see the big difference in hair color from when I first got it done (the current "Welcome" picture) till now.  It really did mellow out into a pretty blue grey.  I still love it, and so I think I'll probably get this color for another round, at the very least.  

Oh right, back to the glasses.  They are Barton Perreira frames in the Raquel shape. It turns out they have been discontinued, and we had one left in stock at my work, so I snagged them!!  I <3 them!