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Early Fall Fashion

Noriko HoComment

Fall weather is hitting hard here in Seattle.  It's drizzly and already in the 60s... Let me preface that this is my first fall back in the Pacific NW (and, yes, it will be going back up to the 70s next week), and I was out in Austin prior to this.  Austin is still in the mid to high 90s, currently, and likely will still be for a few more weeks.  I'm not quite ready for it (I'm much more a warm weather type of person), and so I'm looking for ways to extend my summer wardrobe.  

Here's a note, I don't own any of these pieces, and my style varies basically daily... so I wouldn't say these pics really represent my style, but are more representative of what I'd do with them, if I did want to wear them.  

This summer, the 90s came back, and I was thrilled!  Cropped tops, neon colors, plaid, etc etc.  I kept seeing nods back to my younger years, and I welcomed it!  I bought a couple cropped tops, and then proceeded to barely wear them.  Well, that got me thinking about how I need to get them into rotation before they're out of style again... and that got me thinking about layers.  Add a sweater, and you can keep warm, and cover up.  Swap those shorts for some jeans, and voila!  I loved pairing the flares with the cropped top, and those wedges complete the 90s look.  ;o)

This is a bit black heavy, which is atypical for me, but I discovered making a collage with very light colored things with a white background can be very difficult.  :op  Anyways, I own quite a number of dresses, most sleeveless and knee length or shorter.  They're typically my go-to item, and I will definitely continue wearing them into fall.  It was easier in Austin because fall feels just like summer everywhere else... so I'm going to be falling back to my favorite method of black leggings under ALL THE THINGS!  They're comfy, don't snag like tights, and are thicker and warmer than tights, also.  This time, I'd add the cardigan later on, when things got a bit colder.  And, when the time came, switching to boots would be an easy thing, also.  

Oh, and I'm not a very jewelry heavy sort of person... so, I just threw those in to round out the pictures, but isn't the cat ring adorable??  I love silly pieces like that.  Like fox shoes or cat dresses.  Maybe I own a few too many of things like that... pfffttt... what am I saying?  You can never own too many silly things, as long as they make you happy!  :oD  

Do you guys change wardrobes completely when the weather changes?  Or do you like to try to continue stretching out your summer pieces, as well?