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Lip Color

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I'm pretty sure we've all been able to see that I love color.  I've always loved color, bright color, pastel colors, and colors of all sorts.  I'm more drawn to pinks and reds (as you possibly saw by the first colors I wanted to put in my hair and the pic below), but greens, blues, purples all are great, also!  I'm a little less likely to go for yellows or oranges, but they have their time and place, as well.  I think that comes more from my skin coloration, and the ability of a lot of yellows (and yellowy oranges and greens) to make my skin look more jaundiced than attractive.  ;op  But even then, I do like some shades of each.  

When going to LYSs or fiber festivals, my friends will find the brightest pinks (especially pinks and greens together; similar to my Paulette, as seen below) and say "this is a Noriko yarn."  It's interesting because as far back as I can remember, I have loved wearing colors, painting my nails, etc.  However, it's only very recently (past few years) that I've grown to like lip color.  I have always been an avid chap stick (though, maybe not chapstick brand) user, and in college I loved to go make up shopping and get neutral lip glosses with friends.  One of my best friends will still send me lip gloss because she remembers how obsessed I was with it in undergrad.  

In the past, lipstick has been a thing I've avoided.  It was thick and drying... not to mention it reminded me of my aunts kissing me on the cheek and then having to rub the lipstick off.  Haha.  We've all had that experience, right?  It's not fun having someone lick their finger and then rub your cheek furiously to get the color off.  ;o)  In addition, when I was a bit younger, I also feared that I looked too clown-like with my larger lips painted red.   Nevertheless, the red lipstick "trend" or "classic look" is definitely a thing with Taylor Swift and other iconic ladies wearing various shades not just during red carpet events, but also out to lunch or coffee.  

I think cosmetic companies must've heard the complaints of those of us who wanted that look, but didn't want the feel, because I've found a number of nice feeling/smelling/textured/non-drying formulations that also come out very highly pigmented.  I haven't found a smudge-proof one, but I have found some that are fairly long lasting.  Not only that, but I've conquered my fear of thinking I look clown-ish.  Anyways, here is me not being scared of red lipstick:

These pics were quickly shot before heading out to a casual dinner.  I actually love the second pic because I still don't exactly know what I was doing.  Haha.  :op  Any hypothesis out there?  

Oh, and also, my hair is fading out to a silver slowly, but surely!  Loving it!!  :oD