norichan knits!

Is it already that time?

Noriko HoComment

Christmas/holiday knitting.  It's still hot here, but for me, if I don't start now, I may not finish everything I want to finish in time!  I typically knit for family and close friends... and only if I know they'll appreciate it and use them!  It's no use knitting for someone who will just chuck the item in the closet and never look at it again, right?  Though, I'm not too particular.  If they'll be used for one season, I'm actually happy enough about that.  :o)  I can't share any of my presents... or the patterns I would like to use for mine, but here are some I've used in the past!  (If you click the pictures, they will send you to my ravelry project page for more information about yarn used, etc.)

Octomitts by Spillyjane.  These were for my friend Amie last year.  They were so fun to make!  They actually fly off the needles, despite being fingering weight.  The only thing I didn't love was the afterthought thumb.  It turns out, I'm not a huge fan of the way afterthought thumbs fit.  Who knew!

Another gift from last year.  Feet Eaters by Anna Hrachovec.  Last year's dad slippers were a bit more complex than previous years.  Not sure I'll go that complex again this year.  We'll see... ;o)  This was also the project that proved to me that I'm not the best embroiderer.  I mean, my eyes actually make these guys seem kinda creepy.  :o/  Well, I guess I can't be great at everything!

And Windschief by Stephen West.  I thought this was a fun and easy hat pattern.  I'm less sure about it as a cowl pattern, unless you like really tight cowls because he doesn't change numbers for the cowl... I'm not a fan of super tight cowls, so I'm a little disappointed about that part.  Not that it'd be hard to adjust... but anyways... 

Do you have any tried and true patterns for me to look at?  I'd love to hear suggestions!  As the months go by, I find myself rushing more and more to get projects done in time!  Why do I always end up cutting it close every year??