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First Day - Part 2!

Is that me driving?  Why yes it is!!!  I took command of the Freightliner just before the Mississippi/Louisiana border.  That sucker is a lot of fun to drive.  Which, if you know me at all, is a weird statement for me to say.  But it sure was zippy even carrying that whole load!
 More scenic swampy views.
 Aw, yeah!  Lousiana!!  Woot woot!!
 To prove that the last pic was us crossing into Louisiana, we had to take this pic too.  ;o)
 And, as promised.
 We crossed the Mississippi river while cutting through Louisiana!  River, river!!
 Just made it before the sun set.  :o)
 This was the distant view of an oil refinery just across the Texas border.  Unfortunately, it was dark by the time we reached the border, so none of our pics came out.
Didn't stop us from trying though!!  Entering Texas sign!  We drove until we reached the other side of Houston, then decided to crash for the night.  It was 2am, and we had about 2 more hours of driving left.  Exhaustion had set in, and a motel sounded way nicer than a cold wood floor with no blankets.  And, thus, ended the first day of our trip.