norichan knits!

Day 2

Day two started out a little later than we originally expected.  I guess we really should have expected to have been that tired, but it still surprised both of us.  Also, MAN those black out curtains with sound reduction they have at motels really work well, don't they??  I could not tell what time it was at all when we were rudely awoken by a phone alarm.  I guess if you don't check out by 9:30am, this place gives you a ring to make sure you're awake?  No one answered the phone when I groggily picked it up, so that's what I assume, at least.
 Call me weird, but I had never seen a real water tower until I moved to Georgia (about 8 months ago).  And then out here, they are apparently not only shaped differently, but have school mascots painted on them!!  I've seen more of them for different mascots all over!  I have asked B so many times what they are, and every time he looks, blinks, and says "a water tower..."  I guess I've asked a lot.
 Yay, the end is near!!!  Driving with a purpose is tiiiiring!!
 Yes, we have to go up steps to get to our place.  I don't mind now.  I did then.  >.<  Up and down the stairs with so many boxes.
Our front door!  Yay, Bomb, we're home!!