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The First Day - Part 1

And we are back to the road.  We woke up at a decent hour (about 7am), and had some breakfast, then went to the tagging office so we could officially tag and register the van.  That came with some complications, such as having physical proof that we had insurance on the vehicle.  Well, of course, that had not come in the mail yet... >.<  So we had to call the insurance company and have them fax it over, which took awhile.  We didn't get back to say "Bye" to B's parent's until about 9am.  Seriously.  Then, of course, as we are heading out, I managed to lose my phone.  Somewhere.  Turns out, in B's mom's car.  Yeah, I'm that good.  Then, of course, B's best friend calls and asks if he wanted to swing by and grab something that B had left there.  Yeah.  We are leaving... seriously...
 See!  We are off!  
 Next thing we knew, we had already passed the Alabama state line!  It actually took about 2.5 hrs after leaving Athens to hit the state line, we were making pretty good time though!
 We stopped in a restaurant of sorts to have lunch since we had gotten such a late start.  John Wayne watched me eat the whole time.  The restaurant was pretty good, but definitely Southern style cooking.  Delicious but heavy.  Oof!
 Cool, small river!
 Oh man, a bridge is coming up!
 Almost there!
 And we're through to Mississippi!  The one thing of note here is that we crossed into Mississippi so far south in the state that the Mississippi river is actually in Louisiana!  
 I could NOT believe the gas price here!!  Regular was $2.89??  I ended up filling up my car even though we were towing it.  >.<  I couldn't resist!!!
 Well, there may not have been the actual Mississippi river, but there were tons of swamp lands around because of the delta throughout the area of Mississippi we drove through.  It was pretty fun to look at.
 I tried really hard to get B to exit here.  I wanted to know what wools they were selling!  We totally had more room in the van for wool!!!  But, alas, no Woolmarket for us.
Still have a ways to go.  We are almost through Mississippi, and into Louisiana.  But for this moment, I am going to leave here.  Next post will finish up the rest of the long day we had on the first part of the drive.  :o)