norichan knits!


I am a fruity type of person.  I eat fresh fruit throughout the year, and if I go a day or two without some, I start to go into withdrawal.  I know the general time of year when I'm going to find what sort of fruits on sale and actively go searching for those fruits.  I love almost all fruits, summer pitted fruits being one of the best times of the entire year... Which is going to bring me to my next point.
CHERRIES!  I love love love cherries.  When cherries are in season, I will eat pounds and pounds of cherries over the course of the month or so when cherries are ripe.  I love nectarines, peaches, plums, pluots, apricots, etc etc... but I cannot get enough cherries.  My favorite ice cream is Black Cherry, my new favorite yogurt is cherry Liberte... Which is oddly not found on their website, so I am hoping it's not just a seasonal flavor!!!

So, what about you?  Like or dislike cherries?  What are your favorite fruits?  :o)