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The Road Trip - The Beginning!

Hi Everyone!  I'd like to introduce one of my road trip buddies!  This is Bomb Bonsai!  He loves to photo bomb my shots, so most of my road trip shots ended up having him in it.  Luckily, he's flipping adorable, so I don't really mind.  ;o)
This was the beginning of our adventure.  We packed up the house here in Athens, GA.  If you look really closely, you can see my other road trip companion standing just inside the door.  (That's, uh, kinda creepy...)
 It was hard to say "bye" to the old home, while we only lived there for 8 months, it had become a comfortable place to be.  It was nice living in a real house.  Especially one that was in walking distance to a super cool food co-op, a great yogurt shop, and our favorite restaurant in Athens!  
 Our "moving" van.  A Sprinter Freightliner!  We went out on a limb and decided to buy a used-but-in-great-condition work van and have it tow my car.  Welcome to the family Freightliner!  (Though, probably temporary.  While it has been great for us, got ALL of our stuff here AND has been indispensable in getting us cheap craigslist furniture... we really don't need this large a vehicle on a regular basis.)
 Like I said, it fit ALL of our stuff.  I cannot tell you how much B and I like this vehicle.  It even has a ridiculous turning radius and hauls as if it weighs nothing!  It accelerates faster than my Honda Civic Hybrid! It's been really hard to finalize this decision to sell it...  
Here we are!  My car loaded up in tow behind the van.  We're parked in front of B's parent's house.  We spent the night there prior to the long drive.  And this is where I will leave you for today.  Tomorrow I'll show you day 1 of the Road Trip!