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A Nod to Ravelry


This is the first of a set of outfits that I decided to try making based off of my favorite website:  Ravelry! Today's outfit is a casual outfit.

Those of you familiar with Ravelry and their color scheme will quickly recognize the use of colors with the shirt and pants.  You may even understand the nod to the Ravellenic Games with the bag (and that style bag being a great and simple project bag!)... I decided to tie it all together with comfy flats that are crocheted to complete the casual image painted here today.

For those of you not familiar with Ravelry, if you don't play with yarn or fiber in any way, I suppose this is just a fun casual outfit to enjoy then!  If you do play with yarn or fiber, please take a look at Ravelry for a whole new world of information and social networking with people who share your hobby!  :o)

Just so everyone knows, this is my first polyvore experiment, so I tried one of their templates.  I plan on working on it more, but really wanted to get started and see how it worked in the first place.  So, sorry for the "Weekend Getaway" that I could not alter.  But, hey, it kinda works.  Ravellenic Games start this weekend!  Good luck with all your projects crafty folks!!
A Nod to Ravelry

Sleeveless top / Skinny fit jeans, $85 / TOMS flat, $70 / Radley shopper handbag, $14