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Ravelry - Going Out with Friends


Outfit 1:  I'd wear an outfit like this out to dinner with friends or on a date with my boyfriend.  I can see this outfit being worn clubbing also, with a little more dramatic make-up.  If I had found it, I would have accented using silver jewelry instead of gold, but the crocheted earrings and bracelet was too cute as a reference to Rav that I couldn't help it!

Outfit 2:  Boho chic with a cute headband accessorizing this outfit.  It's hard to see, but a ball of yarn with needles charm is clipped into the latticework on the dress.  Very discreet craftiness that makes this outfit super fun.  I would love wearing this to the farmer's market, going shopping, or to the movies!

Outfit 3:  While I like the look of this outfit, it's not one I would personally wear.  I think if I did wear it, I'd take it out to lunches with co-workers on non-work days or maybe pair it with a large brimmed sun hat and wear it to have tea outside!  This one was the most subtle of all the outfits, and so I chose earrings that are molded to look like a miniature knitted piece.  Super adorable!

Again, I am still playing around with this site, and this time tried to make my own collage.  I hope to find a good style that suits me, but I have not do any sort of visual graphics, really... so this is a work in progress.  I just hope you enjoy them for now as I work through the kinks!
Ravelry - Going out with friends

Rebecca Minkoff boho dress / LnA tank dress / Skunkfunk dress / Valentino peep toe shoes, $665 / Minnetonka fringe sandals / Steve Madden ankle wrap sandals / Shoulder bag, $660 / Colorblock handbag / Tiffany & Co. clutch handbag / Post earrings / Crochet jewelry / Crochet jewelry / Mimco fine sterling silver jewelry, $15 / Diesel sunglasses / Deepa Gurnani beaded hair accessory, $62