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Polyvore/Fashion Posts

Note:  this post is kinda boring.  Sorry!  This is sorta a "heads up" for a few of my future posts, and some disclosure that I wanted to make.

I have been seeing a lot of use of Polyvore lately on other blogs.  Namely:  b for bel and Console to Closet.  (Both blogs that I commonly frequent, love!)  I decided to try it out and inspired by b for bel's social media inspired fashion, I went with a nod to my favorite website:  Ravelry.

I have mixed feelings about using polyvore versus other methods, but for this non-web/graphic design oriented girl, it is much easier to use than finding images, cutting and pasting them into a program like Photoshop, then being sure to link to all of the sites to ensure I give credit to all.  I hope to be able to eventually do some of that sort of thing, but until then, I decided to go ahead and go with the easier option.

One of the reasons I have hesitations is because these are fashion pieces that are not modeled or if they are modeled are displayed with true models wearing them, not real people.  The other is that designer wear can certainly be expensive, and I would love to do outfits that are reasonably priced.  These are the two biggest reasons that I plan to also do other types of fashion posts.  For every "theme" I do, I will include a "modeled" post.  My "Ravelry Theme" is going to be my inspiration for the rest of this week.  So, I plan on finding clothes in my own wardrobe and show you how Ravelry can be interpreted in real life also.  The last thing that I hope to do is a "Thrift Store/Bargain Store" post every once in awhile.  These posts will try to help those of you on a budget figure out how to be inspired if you don't have the right clothes in your closet right this second!

And for sake of full clarification, the links are for me to feel that I am crediting the correct person for anything I may find.  This is my personal blog, not a blog for profit in any way.  So, whether they be links to purchase something (like the polyvore links for the clothes and accessories) or links to other people's websites for patterns, other blogs, etc... I have no personal affiliation with them, unless I say otherwise.  My intent is to explore new crafts, introduce people to things they may not have seen before, and share things that I find interesting with you.  I hope that you do enjoy these things, because I can't wait to create more themed outfits, "show off" my knitting/spinning/crochet projects, and share cool new things!  Thanks for making to the end of this looong post!  :o)