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My Birthday Swag

Noriko Ho1 Comment

I went to Portland for my birthday last week.  :oD  It was a lot of food and fun.  Some of my favorite restaurants were hit up (Masu, Nicholas, Whole Bowl, Fat Straw...), I managed a fun evening at OMSI after dark, and I swung by two LYS!  

From left to right:  Shepherd's Wool Crazy DK, Cestari Traditional 2-ply in two natural colors, and two different colors by Republic of Wool!  I got the first three at Pearl Fiber Arts, and the Republic of Wool from Twisted.  Do I know what I'm doing with any of them?  Not really.  Am I super excited anyways??  YES!!  They're all amazing in their own ways.  I can't wait to try them out!  

In addition to snagging some yummy yarn, I also received a few lovely birthday gifts while in Portland.  :o)  The intriguing box at the top there is a wooden inlay puzzle box from Japan.  It was very difficult to figure out!  I was stumped for a short time there.  :op  

The dress and necklace I received from Marilyn.  She actually nabbed herself some matching stuffs, so one day we'll have to dress up as twins!  Though, her strawberry is white, so I guess we won't be perfect matches.  ;o)