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Pattern Release: Cunegonde!

Noriko HoComment

Cunegonde is up!!  Like it's namesake, this cowl is beautiful, but a nice and easy knit.  It was designed with beginner lace knitters in mind, and so the lace portion is not challenging but still fun for more experienced knitters.  

The cowl itself comes in two sizes, a small and large, and is designed for both a DK or a worsted weight yarn.  The gorgeous yarns the pattern calls for are from DragynKnyts, an indie dyer out of Portland.  The PendragynDK is 100% sw merino, and comes in large 330yd skeins!  A single skein is able to make one of the larger cowls, or a smaller cowl and matching hat.  The Wyvern (worsted weight) is also 100% sw merino, and one skein of those is a whopping 470yds!  That is enough to make a larger sized cowl, and matching hat!  The hat pattern will be out shortly.  :o)  

As this is part of my Candide Knits collection, if you were to buy Candide and Cunegonde together, an automatic discount will be applied and the two patterns together will be $7.50 (no code needed).  Prior purchases will apply.  :o)  

Extra bonus.  With the PendragynDK, you could knit a smaller sized Cunegonde, and have enough leftover to make up a Candide, as well!  The nice part is that Candide would match, but because of it's dual color it wouldn't be a perfectly matchy match sort of way, if you aren't into that sort of thing.  :oD  Enjoy!