norichan knits!

Where do knits go?

I have to admit, I don't wear very many of my knits.  In fact, I give away my knits so often, that my friends ask who gets what I'm knitting next.  When I was at my LYS, I put a yarn back saying, "It's so pretty, but that color looks terrible on me." My friend replied, "yeah, but you never keep anything you make, so you should just get it if you like it."  It's true.  I either am knitting something specifically as a gift, or I will figure out who will love it and gift it to them later by the time I'm done with it.
My Armonika
For example, here is a gorgeous cowl that I started with yarn in my stash that I didn't love.  It is a luscious 50/50 silk/merino single ply hand dyed by StitchJones.  The feel of the yarn is divine, I've been loving knitting with it, the sheen on it is beautiful, but I'm just not super into the color for myself.  I love greens and blues, but sea foam green is not my favorite and it's heavily represented here.  I've been debating if I will over-dye the yarn once I'm done with the cowl or what.  Then it came to me, I know the perfect person to gift this to!  I don't want to say who until I have done the gifting, but the point is the same:  another case of me not keeping my handknits.

I've been thinking that maybe this year, I will try to keep some of my knits.  ;o)  Maybe I'll make that another goal for the year.  Let's see how well I do with that...

For the record:  this was a part of StitchJones' Yarnageddon club (which I highly recommend joining, it's great!), so I did not choose the color myself.  I've loved many of the other yarns and/or fibers from the club, this color just didn't fully resonate with me.  :o)