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From Failures

When I'm designing, sometimes my ideas don't actually work out in real life.  Sometimes it's because of not swatching enough, sometimes it's just because I'm designing based on myself.  This is a case of both of these things.  Here, let's have you look:
On the surface, it's not a bad pattern.  Maybe a little skinny at the top compared to the bottom.  I did that on purpose because I typically find the top a little too loose for my hands.  In fact, I love the way these mitts fit!  However, my hands are 6.5" (circumference around knuckles) and these mitts fit with negative ease.  My friend who has 7.5" hands has tried these on and declared that she would never be able to wear them.  They're just too tight to be comfortable.  

I didn't make a swatch for these because they are a small project that can be frogged if they aren't coming out quite right.  However, to me, they seemed just fine while I was making them because I have smaller hands.  I had thought by making the palms ribbing, this would fix any issues with fit because the ribbing would stretch.  Apparently, I was wrong.  :o/

I did think about trying to resize these, but with the stitch pattern being so large, there just was no way of creating two separate sizes that make sense.  The "average" womens' hand is supposedly 6.77" around, so maybe these would be fine, but I would feel bad releasing a pattern that felt uncomfortable to many people.  Back to the drawing board, I suppose.  Ah well, at least I have a pretty pair of gloves to wear when the weather is a bit nippy out.  :o)