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New Condo: Before

Living Room
Living room into kitchen/laundry room
Have you noticed, yet?
All the same color through and through.  A shade shifting light blue.  Not terrible, but it didn't have any personality.
Bedroom looking towards door to closet and living room.
Other angle of living room towards kitchen/exit door.
It makes sense, the place was being rented out as an apartment previously.  And, as apartments go, it wasn't as generic as it can get... but as soon as it was ours, I immediately knew that we were going to be painting.  I had only helped paint before this when I was a lot younger.  I don't think either of us knew how tiring it was going to be.  Especially since we were both working full time with different days off.  But we got it done.  And once it was done, both of us agreed that the place already felt more like our home.  :o)  Stay tuned for "after."