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New Condo: After

Living room
This accent wall is one of my favorite changes we made to the place.  The teal just pops here.  The best part was when we brought the new-to-me vintage chair in and found out just how well it went with our new place.  :oD
Living room into kitchen/laundry nook
While the change is subtle, we did paint every wall in this place.  The walls that were a light blue are now a gray.  It makes it more neutral and allowed us to be more creative with the other colors in the house.  Bret was a little hesitant about the purple in the laundry nook, but once it was done he did really like it.
Living room into bedroom.
I chose an avocado green for the bedroom.  Somehow, I did not realize that it was pretty darn close to the same color of the new chair I had decided to purchase for our place.  I guess I'm just predictable...
Kitchen and laundry nook
Bathroom and bathroom closet
The bathroom is a brighter light blue with a little more bubble gum personality.  We decided to paint the insides of all the closets, and bright pink is what we chose for the bathroom closet!
Bathroom into walk thru closet into bedroom
This is one of my favorite shots from the "after" shots.  Our walk in closet is the middle man for our bedroom into the bathroom.  Bret graciously allowed me to have a pink closet... probably because he was happy that I wasn't proposing a pink bedroom.  ;o)  I just love the way the colors all go with each other!
Bedroom into living room/exit door
Bedroom into walk thru closet into bathroom
Living room/coat closet
Yes, every single wall got repainted.  An exhausting four days of hand cramps, achy feet, and back aches... The place looks amazing though, and it feels a lot more like "home" now that it looks more like us.  :o)