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We adopted a kitty a few days ago!  We named her Izi.  :o)
According to the shelter, she is 2 years old.  She is so small that it is hard to believe that she's already 2!  She's probably a max of 6lbs.  We'll be bringing her to the vet to get a wellness check up in a few days, so we will find out how much she weighs then.  She's slowly getting more comfortable with us and our house.

We adopted her from Austin Pets Alive!  and are thoroughly happy with the shelter.  The shelter is a no kill shelter with fairly nice facilities for the animals.  They also have foster homes for a lot of the animals, including a lot of special needs animals.  We were planning on adopting with the Austin Humane Society because we also were very happy with this no kill SPCA shelter, but we ended up connecting more with Izi than any of the kitties at the humane society.

Now, here's hoping she doesn't end up love attacking my yarn.  ;o)