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Christmas Gift Idea?

Maybe I shouldn't be revealing this, but I haven't even knitted them up nor do I think the recipient reads my blog anyways.  And these were too cute to not share anyways!!  :oD
I got the image from Ravelry
Pattern:  Feet Eaters
Designer:  Anna Hrachovec
Found in Knitting Mochimochi

I really do need to get to knitting more of my Christmas gifts.  It'd be a lot less stressful if I start now, but I'm also working on a sweater that I want to get finished while it's still cold!  Living in Texas, that is an easier said and done task.  Especially since I decided to use fingering weight on a full length, cabled sweater.  Well, at least it will be lighterweight for the Texas weather when it is done.  :o)  What are you guys knitting up right now?  Also working on holiday gifts?  Anybody doing some charity knitting?  How many of you are with me on wanting to do some "selfish" knitting?  ;o)