norichan knits!

The yarns


I did end up purchasing something from each store.  I primarily tried to stick with local items or unique items.  I took a few pics, so I will give my descriptions of each, along with a mention of the store where I got the item below.
The yarns!
At the top we have a beautiful skein of alpaca from 2 different alpacas raised at the ranch where I got the yarn itself!  The store was called Old Oaks Ranch, and I was stunned when I arrived at my destination.  The ranch has a store that has supplies for knitting, crocheting, and spinning.  Outside the store they have Huacaya Alpacas that they apparently do shear and sell the fiber and yarn from as well.  Next to the alpaca pen, they ALSO have bronze sculptures from local artists and a koi pond grotto.  It was a wonderful place to visit!
Below that left are two different skeins from Lucky Ewe.  They have a wall of local yarns, which I truly appreciated because I love supporting indie dyers.  I ended up falling in love with Alisha Goes Around and had the hardest time choosing one.  In the end, I got the deep brown you can see there.  It is 75% superwash merino, 20% nylon, and 5% stellina (shimmery, but not flashy!).  The golden yarn next to it was from Lucky Ewe's newly launched own yarn line!  They are using natural dyes on a merino/cashmere blend.  How can you resist that?  The really cool thing is that they will try to use flowers they can gather themselves locally if it's at all possible!
The bright pink/orange skein is from Gauge, the closest yarn store to my apartment.  The day I went in, Dizzy Lettuce was doing a trunk show, and after talking with her, I knew I had to leave with one of her many many exclusive colorways.  This one jumped out at me, and ended up following me home.
Furthest right is a gorgeous blue camel/silk blend that is from Anzula, a California yarn.  This yarn (and so many more that I wish I could have brought home...) came from Yarnivore.  This store surprised me by it's ability to carry both unique yarns, but also lots of workhorse yarns.  The wide variety was definitely good.  I nearly bought 5 different skeins of things I hadn't seen before, but I knew I had to pace myself... So, alas, just the one for now.  ;o)

Next up are the bags.