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The bags

The bags!!
I won't lie... I'm typically a gallon plastic baggie type of project bag girl.  But those do get destroyed over time, and how can you resist bags that look like these??
The mustache bag is a locally made (in Austin!) simple bag by needle and knife.  It's as simple a project bag as you can imagine, but it does have a nice, sturdy button to be sure it remains closed... and when I took a pic to show B, he told me it was a winner and had to be gotten.  ;o)  This bag was bought at The Knitting Nest, the yarn store where I teach drop spinning occasionally.  The Knitting Nest boasts space enough to have a large table to work at, as well as cozy couches.  The owner seems passionate the community as well as knitting.  She constantly has donation projects going on such as a bucket filled with yarn scraps that you can crochet squares for blankets, dishcloths for a women's group, etc.
Next to this, we have the cutest small project bag I've seen in person yet.  Feisty Knits appears to be a Texas seamstress who has a large presence at The Tinsmith's Wife.  Found in the tiny town of Comfort, I loved every bit of my short time there.  This was the 4th store I had hit up on the crawl, and I kept saying to myself, you know, that last store was so awesome, I can't imagine the next one will be as good... But this store managed to put me in my place.  Filled to the brim with amazing yarns including Shepherd's Wool, Malabrigo, and Madelinetosh... what amazed me was when I found yarns from one of my favorite indie dyers of all time, Stitchjones!  I have not seen Stitchjones outside of the west coast, seeing as she hails just outside of Portland, OR, and so I was ecstatic when I discovered a local source to get her.  :o)
The last bag is notions bag by Frabjous Fibers.  I've gotten some of her fiber before to spin, and it's always been very wonderful.  When I found this fair trade bag designed by Frabjous fibers, I knew I had to get it.  I found this lovely little character at Hill Country Weavers, commonly referred to as the "mothership yarn store" in Austin.  It has a remarkable space that has yarn, fiber, spinning equipment, and weaving equipment.

Next time, the extra luxuries...