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Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Can you believe that in the dry, arid dessert of Texas, there can be these random bits and pieces of liquid beauty?
Dave Wilson Photography
This is called Hamilton Pool, and is about 40 minutes outside of Austin.  I am so glad to be so close to a place as neat as this.  I was pleased with how natural they have manged to keep a place like this.

We also managed to have a few fantastic meals at wonderful restaurants.

County Line BBQ has a number of locations, and while I'm sure they all serve the same fantastic bbq, I was more impressed with the gorgeous view we had.  It was also some of the best restaurant coleslaw I'd ever had, great beef ribs, and I would definitely recommend the marbled brisket.  Good food, great view, cool breeze blowing... made for a fantastic way to end the day.
Lonestar Ball
Kome is a wonderful Japanese restaurant that serves lots of traditional Japanese foods and sushi also.  The traditional Japanese foods included takoyaki, onigiri, karage, etc.  It is serving foods you might find inside of a Japanese home vs foods you find at an American-Japanese restaurant.  The sushi was excellent, and we were all very pleased with the dishes we got as well.
In addition to all the good food, fun times with friends, and running around experiencing new things... I also taught my first drop spindle class in Austin.  Getting to teach again is a fantastic thing; I was definitely missing teaching spinning and knitting.

It was a very busy weekend, and I did enjoy getting to explore Austin more!  Hope everyone else had an enjoyable Labor Day Weekend, as well!