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"Homemade" Pizza

B and I have been talking about buying pizza dough and making our own pizza at home.  (We aren't at the stage where we have a good baking area set up in our kitchen yet, but we're working on it.)  So, when our local grocery store had a "Buy a Pasta Sauce, get a Pizza Sauce and Organic Shredded Mozzarella for Free" we had to jump on it!  We also grabbed a made in store, partially baked pizza dough crust.  I love that idea so much!  It's fresh, they made it that day... and the partially baked means that they have rolled it out for you (great since we don't have a rolling pin nor have the tossing pizza dough skillz to pull that off), but it won't be overdone after baking!  Anyways, we're now thinking about toppings, and I think we're both going to have to make concessions.
Everyday Finesse
I'm much more of a veggie pizza type of person.  And while B likes vegetables on his pizza (he is thinking fresh spinach and tomatoes sound pretty good on the pizza), he is much more of an "everything" pizza or meat pizza type of guy.
Kimbesa's Homemade Pizza
And we differ in opinions when it comes to certain toppings also.  I love olives while he loves bell peppers... and of course, he hates almost all olives and I strongly dislike actual pieces of bell peppers.  I'm thinking that a fresh spinach, fresh basil, sliced or chopped fresh tomatoes, a small sprinkling of onion, and a high quality sausage sounds like a pretty good compromise.  What do you think?  Do you have a favorite type of pizza?  I'd love to hear if you've made your own pizzas, and if so, what combinations have you found to work best?