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Kid 'N Ewe

I am so excited that there is a fiber festival less than 2 hours away from me.  In hot hot Texas.  Though, I suppose with all the farm land out here, it would only make sense.  :o)  Kid 'N Ewe isn't until November, but I've already started planning for it.  My mom is coming out to visit me and we plan on going there for some fibery fun.
I know we're going to be there Saturday, but I can't decide if there's any reason to stay longer than that.  I am going to love seeing all the fiber and dyers and animals!  And there is going to be a cashmere shearing demonstration!  Better start saving money now.  ;o)  Anybody been before?  Are there any good restaurants to stay and have dinner at afterwards?  It is still a bit of a drive, so it'd be nice to grab something to eat then head back.