norichan knits!

Sweater Progress

Working on a test knit here.  Got 2 sleeves going (alternating, not 2-at-a-time), and they are coming out beautifully!!  I am loving this pattern so far.  Starts with the sleeves, then moves on to the body.  Different, but I like how it's going.  And it's fitting my arm great!  Hope the body turns out just as well.  Yarn is Wollmeise in Feldmauschen.  It is gorgeous.  It appears grey in some lighting, and other times it appears to have more of a warm brownish oatmeal tone.  It's my first time using the fabled Wollmeise, and it is great.  Loving the stitch definition that it's known for.

Also working on a Percy shawl in what I'm pretty sure is cashmere or a cashmere blend I got from China.  Maybe I should take a picture of the label and ask someone to translate.  The lady selling it to me got a book and showed me a picture of a goat and tried to emphasize it.  And it's super soft, so I am assuming that means it's cashmere.  Haha.  :o)

In other news:
I've been knitting between packing to make the packing go easier.  I feel like I've still got so far to go, but it's definitely gotten to the point where I can "see the light."  That makes it so much nicer to keep the motivation going, just knowing there will be an end!  Gotta get rid of a desk and then transport some of the borrowed furniture back to their owners, then I will also feel a lot better.  Saying that sounds kinda funny, doesn't it?  Like I'm still a college kid borrowing furniture to live on the cheap.  ;op  But I have lots of loans to pay off, so living on the cheap isn't a terrible idea until I get a decent chunk of those loans down!

Move is now less than 2 weeks away, and I'm here alone (B has moved himself already, I delayed my move for various reasons), and I have work till the 27th!  I always do this to myself.  But, since I knew the move was coming up, I forced myself to pack "a box a day," and while I didn't actually stick with that, I did get a good amount of work done ahead of time so that it would be easier when the time crunch hits.  Would still appreciate a bit of encouragement, as B doesn't get back till the 30th, the day we have to move out.  *whew*

Well, that's all for now.  Considering lots of different things for this blog.  But for now, I'm gonna go with an easy goal of just updating it more often.  ;o)