norichan knits!

FO: Raiu

Well, not the best shot, but I'm discovering I finally may have a desire for a tripod.  With Bret already moved and me not moved just yet... I'm finding getting posed shots of something this big is nigh impossible!  And, it's not like Bret actually wants to take pics of me, more that he is forced to... Hehe.  I'll get some modeled shots soon enough.  Raiu is a quick and easy knit, with sizes that range from 32"-52" bust sizes!  It can be worn as a dress or cowl, and I've seen a shortened version that is being worn as a tank.  I highly recommend it.

Quick question... does anyone use those simple programs that let you "write" things on your digital photos?  If so, what program do you like to use?  I've been thinking about the idea of doing more with pics on the blog, which would help me remember to use it more.  I thought it'd be fun to be able to add notes to the pics right away.  Is photoshop with a tablet (writing tablet, not an "ipad" type tablet) the best option?  Or are there other ways?  Thanks!!