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When life gets busy, the blog goes first, it would appear. Some published patterns since the last post:

edit IMG_0891.jpg

Meet, Haruno, a pretty hat that makes for some simple colorwork. It’s done in fingering weight yarn (sample done with Cedar House Yarns Sapling Sock). Surprisingly fast to knit up, despite being done in fingering weight!


Next up is Kimber. Kimber is the first of five hats that will be coming out, all based on the different members of Jem and the Holograms! I did go ahead and put the whole collection out on very extreme discount because currently only one of the five hats are out, so grab it if you’re interested now!

edit IMG_1303.jpg

I guess I went on a hat binge, because my next pattern to be released was Tomodachi! Tomodachi means friends in Japanese, and that’s how I felt about this hat. It is one of those hats that can be worked up in an evening in super bulky yarn, and when you need a quick gift, you can work this up for all of your friends!

IMG_1577 cropped for Rav.jpg

Wait, another hat?? Haha! Reiko is a fun, very slightly asymmetric hat with cables and broken ribbing. Despite it’s texture, I love it in variegated yarns, but it also looks good in semi solids and solids! It’s a DK weight yarn, and the original sample was worked up in Nanostichlab Kinetic DK!


Finally! Something that’s not a hat. Haha! This here is Cacambo. I love Cacambo for a variety of reasons:

1) It is my first pattern that I’ve graded for nine bust sizes from between 27.5” - 62”.

2) I implemented the Pay what works model for this pattern. This model allows me to both charge an amount that better reflects the work put into each pattern I create, but also allows you to choose your price point and continue the accessibility of my patterns. To do this, there are coupon codes to adjust the cost listed in the description.

3) I have learned a variety of ways to wear a cropped top. High waisted skirts or pants, of course, but also over dresses, or even as a vest! Thank you to my test knitters that all found such cute ways to style their Cacambo.

Oof, that’s a lot! It’s definitely better if I update this more often so that I don’t end up having to compact everything, and get to talk about things in more details. Wish me luck on that! <3!