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Swap Gift!

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I joined a swap exchange on Ravelry, and am eagerly awaiting my swapee to get her gift!  However, I have received my gift and I'm bowled over by my gifter's generosity!  I'm in love with every single piece!  

It all arrived similar to this (only neater) and I pulled it out of the perfectly sized priority mail box.  My first reaction was, honestly, how did she find a reusable bag that fits so perfectly??  ;o)

I'm going to start off with the extras.  The perfectly sized bag in green and smaller matching pink bag are both from Namaste, and my swapner says she loves them.  I am super excited to try them out!  In addition, there's a really sweet project bag by my favorite project bag maker (Erin.Lane).  It is a special edition bag, so I'm feeling pretty honored.  Then, there's also the really awesome knitting and crochet themed coloring book by Franklin Habit!  So cute!  And something else I can use my coloring pencils on!  Lastly, I mentioned that Japanese sweets are probably my favorite type of sweets, and so she included a bag of assorted Japanese candies!  

And now the yarn.  Oh my goodness, the yarn choices couldn't have been more spot on!  A variety of weights and indie dyers!  Starting from the top:  Miss Babs Yowza Skein in Drunken Watermelon, Lotus Yarns Nirvana Sport in Grassroots, Madelinetosh Twist Light in Beach Bonfire, and Three Irish Girls Springvale DK in Everlasting Gobstopper!  If you've read my blog for a period of time, it may have been mentioned that the pink and green color combo is my favorite.  I love it, and I am very quick to comment that it reminds me of watermelons... so these choices are fantastic!  In addition, anything rainbow-y and I am a huge fan!  I'm super drooling and trying to figure out what the first instance that I can get knitting with these guys could possibly be!  :oD  

Erin.Lane Bag Swap!

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So, last month I signed up to join a swap for my favorite project bag maker:  Erin.Lane.  I like a lot of project bag indie makers, but I've found that I go back to my Erin.Lane ones over and over again.  They're sturdy, lined, easy to cinch, come in cute fabrics, yet aren't too fussy, and a good price point.  :o)  I figured I couldn't go wrong with joining a swap, and then I'd get to collect goodies for someone else, too!!  

My partner hit it on the nose here!!  I love all the things she collected.  :oD  First, of course there's the bright and cheery Erin.Lane bag!  Then, of course, the hot pink Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn... which feels amazing!  I've never used this yarn before, though I've wanted to... I'm dying to try it now!!  The Enchanted Forest postcards are soooo cute, I will definitely be busting out my coloring pencils and pens for those!  And, the suns!  OMG, polka dot heart suns are totally the most amazing!!  Squeeeee!!!  As for the rest:  green felted ball (that my cat has already claimed as hers and is currently chasing around the house), green highlighter tape, little scissors, st markers in a cute little mini jar, and a knerd decal!  Even her note on the card is super adorable.  I <3 every bit!  

I hope my partner likes her stuff as well as I liked mine.  I forgot to take a pic of it, so hopefully I can pull a picture from her when she gets it!  Mine went out in the mail today...  :o)