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Trip to Athens, GA

Noriko HoComment

For Christmas, I visited my boyfriend's family in Georgia.  While it was a good trip filled with fun and games, food, and so many dogs (there were four in one house!), I do have to say I discovered something that didn't exist when I lived there!  

Yep, a yarn store within walking distance of where I used to live!!!  I used to teach at Main Street Yarns, which has sadly been closed for a bit of time now... but Revival Yarns has stepped in, and I have to say that I quite liked this store.  

It is located in the Bottleworks, which is a very cool hang out spot just barely outside of downtown Athens.  Right next door is a very cool coffee shop, and a few other restaurants.  I used to walk over to Daily Co-op once a week, and I just can't imagine how much time I would have spent here, if it had been there just a block away from there!  

The two owners, Lindsay and Cara, were both amazingly sweet.  I felt welcomed at once, and their little sitting area was very comfortable to relax at.  There was also a small table to sit at for classes, and for the holidays a selection of cookies and other sweets were set out for us to treat ourselves with.

Their yarns included brands such as Cascade, Malabrigo, Madelinetosh, Sweet Georgia, and Lorna's Laces.  What I liked even more were the local touches, like the handmade buttons, project bags, and shawl pins.  

Of course, I was in shock over the fact that I managed to find Chubby Cloud bags here!  Chubby Cloud is a local sewer found here in Seattle!  What a coincidence.  :oD  It made me happy to see how big and small the knitting community really can be.  

In the end, I went with these two items.  An adorable Chubby Cloud bag (yes, yes, even though I have seen her at local show events), and this amazing Malabrigo Chunky.  I have never seen this colorway before... and I have to say, it's odd, but I used to hate sea-foam green, and now certain shades of it really calls to me now and again.  :o)  

I'm so glad that Athens now has a LYS to call it's own, and that it's such a lovely one!