norichan knits!


Noriko HoComment

This has nothing to do with knitting, designing, or yarn, honestly. I’m simply asking for good shoe recommendations.

Growing up, just like any teenager, I didn’t listen to my mom about wearing unsupportive shoes, TALL high heels daily, or else I was wearing cheap flip flops all the time because I could slip them on and off easily.


Some options that I’m looking into (after speaking to a number of people with plantar faciitis (I have not been diagnosed with anything, just been having some foot pain), it is looking like Danskos, Birkenstocks, and a few other brands have been recommended.

Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts about these types of brands?


I’ve ordered a pair of Vionic sandals for the summer. Vionic boasts an orthopedically correct sole, and has fantastic reviews.

I’d like to try to order 1 more type of summer shoe and then get rid of my other ones, to remove the temptation to wear them. :op

It’s also helping me with clutter. By no means do I ever aspire to become a minimalist, but sometimes I realize that I’ve collected just a bit TOO much. It’s a slow and steady process. <3