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So Pink!

Noriko Ho2 Comments

I had a hard time deciding what color I wanted to go this time... so I went with my favorite, pink!  :o)  

People were still loving this hair, but I have to say... it has faded to mostly green, and my roots are super noticeable.  It was definitely time for an update again!  

Good times with bleaching.  She only bleached out the roots, so I looked a bit goofy once it was done.  As a side note, does anyone actually look good in this getup?  Hahaha!

Second round matching my lip color!  (that was starting to come off by this time b/c I scarfed down a bagel in between, ha!)  Second round looks like color already, but it's a toner that helps with getting some pinkish pigments in, as well as some gray, dusty undertone.  It was used to even out the green with the gnarly medium orange-yellow roots.  In addition, it is conditioner deposited, so it helps to condition the hair, too!

And after the rinse, ta-da!  I actually love it already!  :oD  I don't know what the color would've dried like, but it looks pretty cool like this.  One more step... just need to brighten up the color!

Oh yeah, definitely amp-ing up the color!  My hope was for a dusty medium pink, but the way these things go, it's usually better to go a bit darker/more intense than what you want b/c it'll last longer that way.  :o)  

I ended up taking this picture the day after, right towards the end of the wind storm going through Seattle!  Haha.  But it shows off the color pretty well.  :oD  The ends are almost exactly what I was hoping for, and the top is a bit brighter, but I love it, and as it washes out, I think it's going to hit the perfect shade.  My only problem now is that I can't figure out what lip colors to wear with this!  Every time I change hair colors, I have to rediscover my new "favorites" in make-up.  Ah well, small price to pay... ;op