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Photo Shoot

Noriko HoComment

This weekend, a friend and I went to UW to do a photo shoot.  I wanted to update a couple of my patterns photos on their pattern pages.  

Note to self, linen shorts get very wrinkly... despite being super comfortable.  :op  This one here is my free Consummate V's Hat pattern.  You may notice that none of the pictures chosen for the pattern page actually show my shorts.  >.<  Haha.  

This second pattern is Bohemian Cowl (Crocheted) version.  Just to note, this is the larger size of the cowl, though my crochet gauge is typically pretty tight, so yours may come out bigger.  ;o)  There should be plenty of each color with a 50g skein each, even if your gauge is looser than mine!  

And here are a few outtakes:

I'm trying to fit in with the geese, do you think I'm doing ok??

I tried on one of my Consummate V's on the Husky.  Wasn't sure if he was ok with that, but it seems that he's pretty happy with it, after all.  ;op