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Knit, Purl... Purl, Knit

Noriko HoComment

Let's sing it together now:  The Kitchener Song!  :op  Does anyone else do that?  I totally find myself chanting to myself "knit, purl, purl, knit" until I get to the end of my row.  Here's the reason why I've been playing around with kitchener again:

Yep, I've caught the hexipuff craze again!  I do them differently than written.  I do JMCO for the beginning, and a kitchener on the top.  Call me crazy, but I think they look much cleaner this way.  While this does make them slightly more annoying to make, I'm all about details.  If it looks sloppy, I *will* find a way to make it better.  ;o)  

Anyways, I've been loving doing these because they're fairly mindless, can easily be transported, and I feel so successful finishing one!  I've decided to ride it out for awhile because I will get bored of them again, and switch to a different project (for my mindless, bus rides project).  :o)  Maybe I'll have enough for a cushion or something by then!